the real learning group

Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Perhaps we can create a special group – a school within a school – for invited students only. This group can look at ways in which we learn best and how we can develop these children who are learning well in spite of the current system in which they work.

We have to do something to demonstrate that real learning is not only something to be found in the relentless pursuit of new technology – the iPad syndrome.

Equally useful would be the formation of trios or quads, i.e. continuous peer observation and development (POD) groups.  The members of these POD gps should be encouraged to visit one another’s rooms and lessons on a frequent basis in order to be able to feedback positively and constructively to one another.  We should encourage the use of video and other AV recording technologies as ways of allowing self and peer analysis and promoting experiment and innovation in the classroom.

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