Retention – the enemy of high standards

Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 8:20 pm

Colleges are obsessed with retention statistics – it’s another OFSTEDĀ benchmark that makes very little sense in the real world other than to promote the spurious claim that we are producing more and more successful studentsĀ and therefore creating a better qualified workforce.

The truth, of course, is vastly different.

When a student is palpably failing we are still expected to strain every sinew and demonstrate that we have implemented every strategy available – not only to keep the student from leaving, but to manage the student so that s/he still achieves a successful outcome.

This can mean many hours adding notes to the student database, calling parents, working through the disciplinary procedures – although managers and senior managers are notoriously reluctant to move expeditiously on this – and spending time with the student supporting her/him n completing work that s/he is very often unable to complete if left to her/his own devices.


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