Adapting to a new generation of 21st Century students

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 9:23 pm

I’ve just sat in a 60 minute session while a colleague was effectively telling the rest of us that we have to adapt and find new ways of reaching our C21 young people – because we are competing with so many other more interesting experiences.

What I really object to is our pandering to these spoilt young products of our really decadent society and the suggestion that the reason they are unable to learn is because we don’t teach them the correct things or in the correct manner.

Is there no recognition that perhaps the reason why these young people are swiftly being overtaken by young people from other parts of the world is that these other young people are desperate to be educated and to get good jobs, while many of our young people just could not care less?  They don’t seem to be able to see further than their next mobile top-up or their next music download.

Is this symptom of alienation and disaffection – or are they just spoilt – and did we spoil them?

It was interesting to hear another very young and new colleague commenting afterwards, that it was all very well for our super colleague to be giving us all these wonderful starter techniques and trying to inspire us to be original and take risks – but she certainly wouldn’t be trying it with any of our current crop of Yr 8s.

The more I listen to this puerile optimism, the more I think I should never have stayed in teaching – but I really like it when I teach someone something – or if I learn something.  It’s just that I don’t do it – don’t get a chance to do it – very often nowadays in school.

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